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Beyond Hello World: From Scripting to Software

There are many tutorials and resources to get you started in PHP and up to the point of a "Hello World" page, but where do you go from there? Starting with the concepts of object-oriented programming, we'll move into using Composer to bring in open-source libraries. You'll learn to build a professional-quality application that is easier to maintain, quicker to extend to meet new business requirements, and makes wise use of existing open-source libraries to solve common problems like logging (Monolog) and testing (PHPUnit).

Patrick Schwisow

Patrick Schwisow (@PSchwisow)

Patrick has been into web technologies since the "bad old days" when animated GIFs were required on all sites and the BLINK tag still had some supporters. He suffered through several years of procedural programming in PHP4 before discovering the glories of OOP in PHP5. Patrick is a Software Engineer at Shutterstock, with experience in Doctrine, Symfony, and several less fun technologies. After hours, he's the founder and organizer of the Lake / Kenosha County PHP Users Group and a contributor to the Phergie IRC Bot.