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Salary Negotiation in Tech

I've been negotiating salary and rate with and on behalf of IT consultants for years. Come learn the theories behind how to negotiate and demonstrate how it should actually sound. We'll cover how to understand your worth, when to stick to your guns and how to use benefits and flexibility to build a great package for yourself. I'll give an insider's look into negotiating with recruiters, and give you the tools to establish a firm footing for a great salary negotiation.

Ashley Powell

Ashley Powell (@AshleyPQPQP)

Ashley Quinto Powell is the Business Development Manager at Bendyworks, in Madison, WI. She has been in technical consulting sales for nearly a decade and is a co-organizer of the Women in Tech and the Madison Clojure Meetup and sits on the Forward Fest Planning Committee. She is also a proud member of the downtown Madison Rotary Club, the Waunakee MOPS and an Ambassador to the Doyenne Group.