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Love Your Team More With Retrospectives!

Savvy agile teams generate ideas, capture hard-won knowledge, and short-circuit potential team tensions with regular Retrospective meetings. In the two years since starting to use this powerful, flexible tool, the team I work with has made huge improvements in the way we communicate, build strategies, coordinate projects, structure our work week, review code, and more.

Your team can do it, too. Learn secrets for great Retros. Avoid the traps we stumbled through. Learn how to break the rules for Retros that work especially for you and your team. Learn how to get the whole team on board. Get on your way to a more productive and fun work life!

Vesna Kovach

Vesna Kovach (@vesna_v_k)

Before becoming a software developer, Vesna Vuynovich Kovach was a senior copy editor specializing in consumer tech for high-profile online publications including eHow Tech, the Houston Chronicle's, San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate and She works for, a leading independent online retailer of office products with a small, passionate agile dev team. Her passion project is, a site that celebrates the history of women in technology. She tweets at @Vesna_V_K.