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Property Based Testing: Let the Computer Make Tests for You

While test driven development helps enormously with system reliability and helping us safely make changes, the usual test development process can be a slog. With each new class or feature we have a suite of unit tests we need to write that hopefully cover all cases. With functional tests, it's even worse, with a few happy paths being tested and maybe one or two unhappy paths.

Why not let the computer generate these tests for you? With property based testing, you can let the computer generate as many tests as you have patience for over a much larger set of inputs then you could ever think of.

I'll be going over how to test your code with Eris, a property based testing library for PHP.

Peter Schuck

Peter Schuck

Peter is a full stack developer with a soft spot for functional programming al a Clojure and for high performance JavaScript. He's contributed to the ClojureScript compiler and is currently working on significant performance gains to Clojure's HashMaps. No language snob he's comfortable with a wide variety of languages like PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, and Scala. Peter is a senior software developer at Bendyworks in Madison WI.