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Oh Crap, My Code is Slow

There are many excuses that developers use for inefficient code - CPU and RAM is cheap these days, or PHP is by default a slow language. These are just a few of those. What happens when your code is actually to slow to scale? Most of us will not deal with things on the scale of Facebook or Google, but there will come a time where we will need to figure out why code is slow. Thankfully there are are many different tools to help us out and properly optimize our code for those times when we need to dig deep into our code.

Chris Tankersley

Chris Tankersley (@dragonmantank)

Chris Tankersley is a husband, father, and PHP developer in Northwest Ohio. He works as a programming consultant doing various types of PHP including Zend framework, Drupal, Wordpress, and Symfony. He founded the Northwest Ohio PHP User Group, and works with local developers helping them with programming and server administration. He works with PHP primarily, with some work done in Node.js and Python for personal projects.