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Web Components: Lego Bricks of the Web

Writing the same login form over and over again? Web components offer a modular approach to creating reusable UI widgets. Ditch large, complex frameworks and drop these lightweight building blocks into your site. We will show you how to build, test, and deploy a web component, and introduce you to the wide selection of existing web components available through Google's Polymer.

Pearl Latteier

Pearl Latteier (@pblatteier)

Pearl Latteier is a software engineer at Bendyworks in Madison WI. For the past several years, she has focused primarily on building data-intensive JavaScript applications for web and mobile, most recently with React JS and React Native. She is also experienced with server-side technologies including Ruby on Rails, Node, and PHP. Before becoming a software developer, Pearl earned a PhD in from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where for five years she taught courses in the Department of Communication Arts.

Abraham Williams

Abraham Williams (@abraham)

An experienced developer and start-up founder, Abraham Williams brings a broad range of skills to his current role as a senior developer at Bendyworks. A top 1% contributor at Stack Overflow and an active member of Google Developer Groups, Abraham has been recognized by Google as a Developer Expert for his ability to identify technology problems and provide quality solutions in the community.